Aerosol Filling Technology

The high pressure can filling technology may inject raw materials into different forms through the pressure from the propulsive gas to result in different results, including spraying type, powder type, and foam type etc. The filling capacity and pressure can be controlled steadily through automated filling apparatus, and, together with strict examination conditions, leakage issues of products can be avoided completely.

Aerosol Can

Aerosol cans are divided into tinplate cans and aluminum cans in terms of materials. Tinplate cans are based on oily content products and are mainly applied to automobile chemical, industrial release agent and household detergent currently. Nevertheless, aluminum cans are based on aqueous products. The main products include cosmetics, household health products, environmental protection detergent etc. Because the raw materials have been mixed with gases sufficiently, the service life of the raw materials may be extended under low temperature condition. The storage life may be up to 5 more years in average. Together with approved water test and pressure test of final products before shipment, the stability and safety of the products are guaranteed. The way of packaging high pressure cans may be accomplished by direct printing onto the bottle body or using stickers. There are many capacities for choice from 100ML to 750ML.



Sprinklers are fittings mainly mounted on high pressure cans. The sprinkler types contain automatic sprinkler (direct usability without opening cap), spray sprinkler (ejection of raw materials into mist type), extension tube sprinkler (usability after insertion of sucker into hole), constant amount sprinkler (pressing constant spraying amount every time), foam-type sprinkler (becoming foam type after injection), powder-type sprinkler(powder-type raw materials dedicated to prevent blockage), folding lid sprinkler (the sprinkler contains sucker for use in 90 degrees of rotation) etc. Sprinkler aperture ranges from min. 0.35MM to max. 2.5MM. Colors of sprinklers may match packaging types for integral design.

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