Tire Cleaning

Tires suffer from problems, such as decoloration, contamination spread, because long-term use and sunshine radiation. Thus, appropriate cleaning and maintenance is one of the necessary tasks whenever the automobile is washed. Black Pearl cleaning tire protection wax, in which high molecule wax is used as main content, can protect rubber and increase brightness. Furthermore, tire cleaning is accomplished while waxing.

Foamy Tire Cleaning and Brightening Wax

Product Feature
Made of the most advanced formula. Easy to apply. Clean and bright with only one spray. Good protection for tires. No need for wiping, Foams dripping down without damages to tires and colors.

Shake well before use. Spray evenly on the tire sidewalls at a distance of 10~15 cm till a full coverage of foams. Wait for 10 minutes for the stains dripping and air-drying to complete.

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