High Quality & High Efficiency

Black Pearl introduces foreign advanced automated production apparatus, which does not only replace labor with respect to time consuming and physical power loading. Relatively, it brings increased throughput and high quality results. All Black Pearl products are approved with Taiwan SGS examination, and compliant with EU ROHS environmental protection standard From in-process to final shipment flows, there is SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) followed for regulation in order to guarantee the benefits, including stable quality, increased capacity and reduced resource waste. Hence, all products which reach consumers have been examined strictly. As such we are a factory compliant with ISO9001 international quality certification. Relatively, not only good quality, but also after-sales services for customers are what we concentrate. We are always reviewing and improving opinions of customers and experiences of consumers to keep interaction with them. This is our business management to keep long-term relationship with customers.

Taiwan Sales Locations

Based on excellent quality and reasonable price, 'Black Pearl' automobile cosmetics family has been trusted by customers for up to 30 more years. It keeps the leader position in domestic automobile cosmetics field and becomes number one brand in Taiwan. The service objects of the products are wide, including automobile maintenance shops, hardware stores, automobile boutiques, various large hypermarkets and internet shopping. The sales territory has extended to international markets with wide affirmation from customers.

Global Sales Locations

They include automobile maintenance shops, life hardware stores, industrial mechanical hardware stores, various large hypermarkets, automobile boutique bazaars, automobile and motorcycle material shops, automobile and motorcycle part and accessory shops, tire shops, agricultural machinery shops, gas stations, furniture shops and internet shopping. The sales locations are everywhere to provide services for a wide range of different groups. The sales territory of Black Pearl has extended to overseas markets. The brand reliability and good after-sales response do be affirmed by all customers.




Black Pearl Website The website of Black Pearl provided many product information and latest news. You could choose the location most approximate to your house on the platform, which is for customers to reference and provides convenience. We provide multi-dimensional services. With E-commerce, Black Pearl communicates with end consumers through such platform, which brings infinite business for merchants.